Yellow Tickets

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On Wednesday nights in our Spanish Church is Bible study and we break into age groups.  I teach the 5, 6, and 7 year old class with two Dominican ladies from the church.  It is quite an active group, so I started a reward system.  They earn little yellow tickets throughout the evening that they can trade in for toys and other goodies.  Some of the kids were having trouble saving up for bigger toys, because they were loosing their tickets during the week, so two weeks ago I started letting them turn any tickets in at the end of class and I would save them for them until the next week.  At first I only had a few takers, but as the kids saw that the kids that let me save their tickets were getting bigger prizes they have all started saving some tickets from one week for the next.  Well, this past Thursday afternoon I was walking around down town doing my regular errands for the mission, banking, changing money, paying bills, etc.  I ran into Elias a kid that was new to my class the night before, and he was with two of his friends.  They were playing with a parachute toy that Elias had “bought” on Wednesday night.  When Elias saw me he came running up to me with two yellow tickets in his hand and said, “Can you save these for me for next week?”  This was something I was not expecting, but he was so excited about his tickets, it was a special moment in the middle of the day

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