What did you do today?


So, I don’t have a typical 9 to 5 job. When people come visit us, they like to know what a typical day is like. I’ve said several times, there is no typical day. Today was a good example. I got up this morning and worked from home. Melissa is working with a short-term team this week. So she had activities with them this morning. The kids, Kate and Michael (our foster child), didn’t want to go, so I planned on staying home with them. When Melissa was leaving Michael decided he did want to go, so he and Melissa headed off to the tent-school. I worked on some of the mission payroll and personnel issues, worked on a grant for some funding for our school in Bombita for a Canadian organization, answered e-mails to the Orlando office, and personal e-mails too, and completed some worked related to child sponsorship. I know it’s exciting. Melissa and Michael came home for lunch. During a lunch conversation had an idea for a blog post (not this one–hopefully I’ll get to it this week). Then we headed off to school. Michael and Kate both attend the afternoon session, so school for us starts at 1:50. Melissa had a meeting scheduled for the afternoon, so we all headed out. Now, dropping the kids off for school requires a small detour through the neighborhood of Policlinica where we pick up about 10 kids and take them to school. So we head to school singing along to the CD in the car. The CD is in English, and the kids love two of the songs on the CD so we listen to them everyday as they sing along with their own version. You may not have known it, but one line of the song “Every Move I Make” is “taca taca taca“. Okay, you probably sing it “I take I take in you,” but not in our truck!! We drop the kids off at school, pick up our mail from Agape flight, that we normally pick up in town, but a neighbor dropped it off at the school for us. Them Melissa and I head to the Health Center, where Melissa has a meeting, and I need to get material for an afternoon training. I meet Kathy LoSasso (fellow missionary) at the Health Center, and we head to Bombita for an afternoon training with the volunteer community health promoters. We have scheduled to meet with them for training on the monthly weighing of community children that are five years and younger. We have a great time with the promoters practicing with the scales and growth charts. We head back to the Health Center to pick up Melissa, I have a few minutes to talk to the Doctor to see how the afternoon clinic went and then we go to pick up the kids. For some reason the number of kids we are taking home this afternoon doubled from the morning. We head back home amid a chorus of “taca taca taca“. Melissa, Kate, Michael, and I head to dinner before church, we eat in a small local restaurant in Charamicos, just down the street from our home. Melissa and the kids head to the house to get ready for church, and I take a motoconcho back to the school so I can hand out keys to the men that drive the trucks we send out to pick people up for church, and I am driving the truck to Bombita tonight. I get in the truck, it is low on gas, so I swing through the gas station to get gas, and it is going to be a 20 minute wait, because the gas truck is filling up the tanks and evidently they can’t run the tanks and fill them at the same time. I am running a little early, so I decide to grab a Dr. Pepper (the store stocks them occasionally) and wait. I get my gas, and go pick up the people from Bombita. We head to church, enjoy a night of the kids singing. I am able to talk to a few of the church members about some problems they are having and encourage them. Then we make the return trip to Bombita. I swing back by the school, to drop the other drivers off where they can catch a public car (taxi) home. I get home, and get a call from one of the members from the short-term team that they are having a medical emergency. I ask the hotel to call a local doctor, and head to the hotel to help out. Thankfully it was a minor issue and resolved without the 30 minute drive and a night spent in the ER. Get home, chat with Melissa, and decide to type up what happened during the day. And now I’m going to bed excited about what tomorrow holds!

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