We have Arrived

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We'll after months of struggle, court paperwork, and government agencies we have finally begun our first visit to the States with Michael.  We are so excited.  Experiencing the United States through Michael's eyes has already been interesting.  Here are a few of my favorite moments so far.

1.  Michael asks, "Is there a bathroom in Nana and Poppo's house?"

2.  In the Miami Airport, he needs to go to the bathroom and I inform him, "Michael, just so you know, here they throw the toilet paper in the toilet to throw it away."  He looks at me with a very puzzled expression, and asks "Why?".  I tell him, "It's just the culture here."  I need to make sure he knows that I meant in all homes in the United States, and not just the Miami Airport.  I'm telling mom and dad this story on the way to their house, and my dad says, it's okay, I've made sure that there are plastic bags in all the trash cans in the bathrooms, because of Kate's visit in January, I evidently forgot re-entry cultural counselling for here, and she kept with the Dominican custom of throwing the paper in the trash can a few times.  Just a heads up for the homes we will be visiting!

3.  He was amazed when we passed a car transport truck on the interstate with 10 cars stacked up on it.

4.  His excited face on the plane for his first flight.

5.  Him trying to convince us that he is not going to be shy when he meets all the new people here, and he keeps reminding us that he, "Speakies Englesh"

6.  When we got to Nana and Poppo's and started settling in, he asked, "Do they have air conditioning?"  I said "Yes, but right now it is hot air that comes out to make the house warmer, because it is colder outside."  Another puzzled look from Michael.

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