We have a court date!

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We found out today that the paperwork made it through the first steps!  Thank you for your prayers.  November 16th @ 9:00 AM we have a court appearance scheduled with the judge that can overturn the restriction the first judge placed on our guardianship approval.  Please continue to pray with us that this hindrance will be removed.  Based on our understanding of the judicial process, we are not expecting the judge to make his decision on this day, but we also know that nothing is impossible.

Also, on a side note, we should be getting our truck back tomorrow.  It is running, and today they were painting the "new to us" hood the same color as the rest of the truck.

We appreciate all the prayers and support we have received through the ordeals of the past few weeks.  We know that God is with us through all things, but it is so nice to know that we have so many friends beside us too.

John, Melissa, Kate and Michael 

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