Using Your Gifts on the Mission Field


When Elizabeth Vasquez signed up to go on a short-term mission trip to the Dominican Republic, she asked her friends coordinating the trip, what she should put down as skills, since she did not feel she had any skills appropriate for the mission field. Elizabeth is an Epidemiologist with a Master Degree in Public Health working in New York, completing her dissertation for her PhD.. Little did she know that she had the exact skills we have been looking for to start an outreach to local doctors on the North Coast, providing them access to professionals able to provide seminars on their field of expertise. We were able to invite the local doctors to hear Elizabeth, a Dominican-born, Spanish-speaking, health professional present information pertinent to their local practices. The physicians enjoyed a wonderful evening of professional camaraderie. While I was talking to one of the physicians, he stated, you never see even five physicians in one room together. He shared that they are rarely able to meet together and share information with one another. He said that a lot of good information was provided during the evening and he was grateful for the opportunity to meet with his colleagues. Not only, did they receive som3 great information, they had a wonderful Italian dinner to top off the evening. All of the doctors that attended are looking forward to our next gathering.

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