The School in Batey 41

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I posted a video of the morning assembly at Batey 41, and thought I’d put up a few photos.  The school has been going for about two weeks, now.  Melissa and I have enjoyed working with Pastor Jean Simon and the teachers  to get things ready.  We just have the bare essentials in place and are still working on making sure they have supplies, books, and uniforms.  The kids are excited about going to school and most in their very best dress clothes.  It has been great to see the teachers excited about the work they are doing.  They have divided the church into three classrooms by turning the chairs in different directions.  We look forward to seeing the school grow and offer more services.  One thing that we are trying to do is provide drinking water for the students and the community.  They have no access to water.  Previous attempts at drilling a well failed, but we are working with a local water delivery company, hoping that we can encourage them to come out if the school will buy a weekly supply of water (you can see the dispensing tank if you look behind the little kids in the back right corner) and that enough of the homes will be able to purchase water to make it worth their trip out.  The biggest obstacle is the 20 minute drive on rough roads.  They were going to make a trial run this week, but with heavy rains several nights the road is barely passable in spots, and the full water truck would not have been able to make it.  Right now they are able to get water by going on motorcycles and filling two bottles at a time.  When you add the cost of the gas to make this 40 minute round trip it basically triples the price of the water.  We’ve discussed a price with the deliver company of 30 pesos (just under $1) for 5 gallons which is only 10 pesos higher than what we pay for getting it in town.

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