The Goodbyes Begin

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Last night during the Friday Night Spanish-speaking Church service we formally shared the plans of our upcoming move.  We have had the opportunity to share with many people from the congregation in personal conversations, but this was the first opportunity to share in a formal church service.  It was an emotional evening with many hugs and many tears as we begin the process of the next several days of saying goodbye to the many friends and family we have come to love over the past three years.  I came home last night to much of the living room packed as Melissa has begun to pack the items not essential for our daily use, and it was quite a shock to walk into a living room with most of our personal touches packed away.  We know that we are stepping out in obedience to what God has called us to do with this next chapter of our life, and it was so good to have the Spanish-speaking congregation praying over us and sending us forward supported with so much love.  We will miss the friends that we have made, but we are thankful we will be able to make visits back to see them and that these goodbyes are more of a “see you later”.

  1. Aunt

    I’m certain the family will do quite well and y’all will settle in quickly. So far, you have some spanish under your belt, you have made good friends, and gained Michael. You’ve made the acquaintance of some fine critters and wonderful bats.
    Have a lovely life in your new home.
    Love and prayers to Melissa, John, Kate and Michael

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