That will be five pesos and two chicklets


We were at Playero (pronounced PlyJero) the other day. For those of you that have not been to the Playero it is the closest we have to an American Grocery Store. Nice aisles, refrigerated meat sections, frozen foods, Canadian chicken breasts, you know all the staples. Anyway. We stopped off with the team from the Mid-west. They were buying snack foods for a youth event with the Dominican Youth Group. As, one of the team members said it, we were going to introduce the Dominican Youth to the “Trashy American Diet”. Melissa and I took the opportunity to get some of our shopping done. When we checked out the check out lady handed Melissa her change, Five Pesos and two Chicklets. She said, “I’m sorry, I’m out of pesos.” She didn’t have any 1 peso coins, so she decided to give us our two pesos in Chicklets. Now, all the rest of the team just thought they were given a mint like when you go to the bank, they weren’t yet as quick on the peso math, but anyone that day that was getting less than five pesos back got the balance in candy. Just another fun day in the DR.

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