Thank You, God for Seeing Us

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I want to share about three very “wild rides” we took this week. Life is never dull, and the details of these events could be considered interesting or even entertaining. But why I want to share them is because of the outcomes of each—how they brought much needed encouragement to my heart and pure glory to our caring protector, Father God!
Monday morning the three missionary men headed to Santo Domingo. That same morning our groundskeeper told me that there was a problem in our aquaponics area. The water in the boxes with plants had all drained out and therefore there was no water returning into the tank with the fish to keep that water aerated. We needed to get a pump started quickly or the fish would die, but there was no power and there was no key for the room with the generator (because they were in Santo Domingo with the guys!) Long story short, some of our teen boys ended up starting a bucket brigade. They worked tirelessly (and without complaining or asking for compensation!) until the problem could be resolved. It took several hours, but as a result, the fish were saved!
Tuesday night around 10:15 Maicol came in to tell me that he and some of the teen boys had been visiting on the back of my truck when they saw a guy in a black jacket sneaking around on the hospital side of the property. Maicol took off on his motorcycle after they guy, but he jumped the wall and got away. We made sure that the security guards on both sides of property knew, and I really didn’t think about it again until midnight. That’s when the men made it back from Santo Domingo. As they came onto property the guard told John about the intruder. John sent him to walk around the perimeter just to check and then as he headed to our side of property the guard called out that the guy was hiding, face-down in a ditch right by the hospital! Between the 3 missionaries and the guard, he was held until the police arrived. His bag was searched and some of our items were found inside. After he was taken to the police station a search was made and another bag was found with more of our things inside—it’s pretty typical that thieves will hide things and then come back at a later time to retrieve them. Ok, so now for what was happening on my side of property. John called at midnight and said, “We’ve caught an intruder over by the hospital. There was possibly another guy that got away. Wake up the boys and get them walking around the fence line.” Maicol and three others were off like warriors! They had a bat and a pole and flashlights. We never found anyone else, but it was quite the excitement. And I felt so safe and protected—I was one proud mom!
Then on Wednesday right before dinner I was on the phone with Vanderly (another full-time missionary here). She was upstairs looking out over a fire. She commented that it was really big but pretty far away. That is not completely uncommon so, again, I didn’t give it a second thought. I forgot to mention that John had to head back to Santo Domingo on Wednesday morning. So, right after dinner he calls me and frantically says, “Take down this number. You’ve got to call the director of World Vision and let her know that their plant nursery is on fire!” What?! Their nursery shares a wall with our property! Apparently John’s dad (also a full-time missionary here) was trying to keep the flames from getting too close to our propane tanks, generator, and aquaponics area…all of which are right up against that wall. And no one on my side of property knew! Even once I received this call it took a while for me to get through to someone. I think I had to call John back 4 different times to get other numbers for other people. THEN, I thought to let Vanderly and her husband Stephen know. Stephen immediately ran over along with Maicol and some of the teen boys. Once again they were heroes. They walked on the top of the wall with a water hose trying to put out the fire. In the meantime, Vanderly and I were praying with our younger boys. We prayed a prayer of thanksgiving that God was bigger and stronger than the fire and that he could keep us and our property safe. It was such a joyous moment when I was able to tell them that God had answered our prayers—the fire was out and there was no damage to our things. They literally threw their hands up in the air and screamed, “Thank you, God!!!” and one added, “Thank you, God for seeing us.”
Living with this many children can be very demanding. They often think only of themselves and what they want in that moment. It was such an encouragement to see them jump into action and help “save the day” on three different occasions. God sees us—he knows what we need—and he knew I needed an extra dose of encouragement and they needed opportunities to shine!

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  1. Jeanne Sisco

    Oh, Melissa! I think this the happiest update I’ve ever read! Your heroes, your family and your friends share in the heartfelt joy of your heroes’ pure praises! Indeed — “Thank you God for seeing us!” This was a week of legendary hearts!
    ALL of you are everyday heroes and your legends will live on in the community — but, this Week of Legend will stay IN THE HEARTS OF ALL OF THE CHILDREN SHARING WITH YOU NOW, and in the future! They may forget all of the names someday, but they will remember the faces, and the experience of the week when they KNEW they KNEW that they KNEW God DOES “see them!” THAT will live with them forever, and HAS changed whatever their paths might have been before that Week! What a GLORY!!!!! Always in our prayers!! And in our hearts!

  2. Jo Hannah

    Praise God! “Amen!” to everything Jeanne wrote!

  3. Barb and Dan Huge

    beautiful and inspiring….I can “see” your pride in those boys and also the knowledge that they are being raised to be Godly, responsible men of integrity. Huge blessings all the way around. (no pun intended…..)

  4. Jenna

    Melissa et al. This makes my heart feel so many things that I cannot put to words. But this I can say: I am so proud and excited to be a part of this ministry. Cannot wait to hug those boys around their necks ^_^

  5. Janet Lash

    We praise the Lord with you all! God is so good and a very present help in times of trouble! Thank God for your strong example of trusting God, calling on the Lord, and showing love. You have certainly reaped what you have sown into these precious boys, how beautiful their desire to stand and be counted on to bring a solution. God bless them, and may you continue to experience the protection of the Lord. I’m thinking you might just want to raise a banner and declare victory!

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