Doh Out

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Kickball, or at least a version of it, is one of the common games played in the front yard.  Melissa and I don’t call it “Kickball”, we call it “Doh Out”.  Doh is our Spanish for “Two”.  As in Uno … Read More

A Unique Clothes Dryer

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We have a clothes line that we have hanging in our living room so we can dry our clothes without worrying if it is going to rain or not. However, to take full advantage of the sun, we also have one that is hanging over a planter outside our back windows. In order to hang or retrieve clothes Melissa has to

Trucks and Christmas

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Interesting morning of mission work today.  We run three truck routes on church nights to pick up members from three different communities.  However, on holidays like Christmas, New Years, and Easter the laws say that large trucks and passenger trucks can not … Read More

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