Success in the DR – Loudjenka’s follow up story

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The following e-mail is the e-mail I received from Amy, the nurse working with Children of the Promise that provided initial care for Loudjenka, and accompanied the family to Santiago:


I am back in Cap Haitian and am writing this email with a heart full of thanks and praise!
I’ll try to keep this brief. Here is a summary of our trip to the DR.
    • We got across both borders without any difficulty. It felt like God softened the hearts of each person that stopped us before letting us pass.
    • Chance and Renee were waiting for us on the Dominican side.
    • The paperwork with the authorization was waiting in the office on the Dominican side. We were stopped at many check points on the road to Santiago. Each time we showed the authorized papers we were waved ahead.
    • When we arrived at the hospital I stumbled into a group of what seemed to be American Rotary club members in the hospital lobby listening to a presentation from some ICHF people. It was perfect! Dr. Ramirez was even standing in the group answering questions.
    • I approached them after their presentation. They’d been waiting for Loudjenca and ushered us upstairs where they were just finishing an echo on another child. One of the cardiologists immediately started her echo.
    • We were told that the hole in Loudjenca’s heart had begun to close on its own. She did not need surgery. I heard the news first in English, then in Spanish, then in Creole. It was a great moment.
    • Loudjenca’s parents were ecstatic. Loudjenca’s mom shared that her exact prayer had been “Jesus, when we get to the hospital let us hear that surgery is not necessary.” ….an answered prayer.
    • Loudjenca’s parents were able to voice their other concerns to Dr. Ramirez regarding Loudjenca’s breathing. He ordered a chest xray and blood work.
    • These tests were completed immediately. Loudjenca’s lungs were clear. Everything looked good in her labs.
    • All the nurses, doctors, med students, etc were incredibly caring and helpful.
    • We were told to have Loudjenca return for a follow-up echo at one year of age. (She will have a passport by then!)
    • We all stayed at a hotel near the bus station. Loudjenca and family left for Haiti Saturday morning and arrived in Cap without any problems.
    • Jenn and I stayed an extra night in Santiago and took the express bus to the border. We arrived at COTP via bus and moto this afternoon. We had a great day as well.
    • Jenn and I couldn’t help feeling extremely blessed by this whole experience. God worked out all the little details for our arrival at the Children’s Hospital knowing all along that we would be met with the most wonderful news. Praise Him for his mercy.
Thank you for all of your efforts.

Loudjenka’s parents now have the peace that their daughter’s condition is not life-threatening, a confirmation they could not have received with the limited capabilites in Haiti.  Their faith in God is strengthened and they know they have an extended family supporting them.



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