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phillips_familyIt is interesting to me when I look at the group of people that support our ministry, how many different social circles are represented by that group, as many of them entered at different stages of our life. Many of our supporters don’t even know each other. That’s why I decided to introduce our supporters in our updates. In our last newsletter we started a section called “Spotlight on our Supporters” and shared all the different ways our parents support our ministry. And now, I’d like you all to meet Todd and Krys Phillips.

Todd and Krys Phillps have been supporting our ministry since before “Day 1”.  Todd is a Lt Col in the Air Force currently deployed to Afghanistan.  Krys is a stay-at-home wife and mother to their three children, Emilee, Austin, and Megan. She is homeschooling the two oldest. I have known Krys since Middle School was called Jr. High!  We were in youth group together at Church on the Rock in Lubbock, TX as well as attending the same Jr. High and High School.  They have moved around a lot with the Air Force, and for two years Todd was stationed in Tampa, where we were able to reconnect with them and get to know their two oldest kids Emilee and Austin.  I asked Krys a few questions:

How long has Todd been deployed in Afghanastan and when will he be home?

Todd has been in the military for over 18 years and is currently deployed in support of NATO Training Mission Afghanistan in Kabul where they are developing, training and equipping the Afghan National Security Forces and will eventually transition security of the country completely to the Afghans. He has been there since January and will return home in July of this year.

How many times have you sent out “We’ve Moved” cards since you’ve been married?

We have been married for 16-1/2 years and have moved 9 times and lived in 6 states. The two oldest kids have already lived in 5 states, while the youngest has lived in 3. Although moving so frequently has been difficult at times, it has given us the opportunity to experience different parts of the United States and meet great people along the way.

Tell us about you kids, how did they each become part of your family?

Our family has been built through the miracle of adoption. We feel so blessed to have been chosen to love and raise three great kids. All of our kids were born in the U.S. and we brought two home as newborns and one as an infant. Emilee is 8-1/2 and in the 2nd grade. She enjoys art, and she reads a lot and loves to learn. Austin is 7 and in Kindergarten. He loves sports and video games and enjoys being active. Megan is 2-1/2. She likes to look at books, color and loves Veggie Tales.

What do you enjoy doing with the small parts of you day that aren’t full of being wife and mom?

In those few moments of “me” time, I enjoy reading. I also took up quilting a few years ago and love it.

Why do you guys support missions?

We have always had a heart for missions and the people that can be reached through missions. We believe God has called all of His people to the mission field. Some are called to go and serve, while others are called to support those who serve. We feel that at this time in our lives, we are called to financially and prayerfully support those that God has called to serve.

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