Rats and Snakes and a new Contestant


Sounds like the first season of Survivor, wow I’m a geek. Anyway, this is a game we play in our new home. When we moved in, the house came with two cats that Kate has named Chico and Chica, for Spanish language aficionados, this translates to boy and girl. We are very original. The previous tenants brought the cats home to keep the rats out of the house. They told us they were constantly fighting to keep the rats out of the house, but as soon as they brought the cats home the rats were no longer a problem. However, the cats enjoy bringing us gifts, namely rats and snakes. The rats they bring in are dead, they just leave them for us on the floor or on the porch. The snakes they bring in, however, are normally alive, and it is a fun family game to sweep the snakes out of the house. They are not large snakes, just little garden snakes. But, we are now keeping score. The current score is:

Snakes 6
Rats 4

Needless to say we actually prefer the snakes, even the one that stayed under the stove overnight.

We have added a new contestant to the game, the other night after Kate went to bed while I was sitting on the couch working on the computer and Melissa was in the kitchen a bat flew into the living room from the back porch. It banged into a few walls and finally made its way back out. Unfortunately, he got out before we could take a picture. Score 1 point for the bats.

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