Quick Update


I have a lot to fill everyone in on, and really need to be working on a newsletter, but the animal update is:

Rats holding steady at 4, we are not counting the ones outside
Snakes up 1 to 7
Bats making a surge by 2 up to 3 Bats.

The most recent bat was not lucky enough to escape unharmed, one of our cats grabbed it before it could find it’s way out of the house.

So we have:
Snakes 7
Rats 4
Bats 3

3 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    what ever happen to those nice birds outside our florida front lawns OMG !! bats. Make sure you don’t feed those bats they may never go away.

  2. Amy

    How exciting! And I thought having lizards in the house was bad. It is good that you are making a game of it.

    You will have to give us a new count now that October is almost over!

    God Bless,

  3. MK

    we are tied in the bat category! unless you’ve had more in the last 2 yrs. i’we’ll have to swap bat stories with you guys sometime!! LOL

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