Popcorn Pants

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June 5-12, we had our largest team ever volunteer with us for a week. We had 88 people from 6 different states come in to hold VBS in the morning and visit different neighborhoods and paint one of our schools in the afternoon. It was quite an undertaking, but it was a fabulous week. We spent months preparing for their arrival, and they came with such servant hearts and attitudes. That combination made for a great week! So many funny, touching, memorable moments took place during the week, but there’s one special story I want to share. I was standing outside of a church in one of our 4 VBS locations. A little boy came running up the front stairs, stopped, put his hand down his pants and pulled out a handful of popcorn. Then he ate it!! I’ve seen some pretty crazy stuff in the three years we’ve lived here but that topped them all! This little boy’s name is Brahain, but he will now be known as “Popcorn Pants.” Later in the morning, I was telling one of the team members what had happened. He said, “I bet you’ll think of that every time you eat popcorn.” Yuck. I wasn’t going to, but now…now I’m just not going to eat popcorn. Thanks!

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  1. Dave & Michelle Gilliland

    Hey who needs pockets? :O) lol – Sounds like a great time – WOW 88 people! Super group!! 🙂

  2. vANESSA

    kids are so adorably cute and unpredictable!

  3. Grace Goostree

    Loved the story about the popcorn pants – yes, always another surprise around the corner. I’m glad all went well with the trip – I haven’t even talked with anyone that went on the trip – it’s been that busy in our lives.

    I’m excited (and sad at the same time) for your new ministry opportunity. I love seeing and being with you all and I think God has blessed that ministry with you all being there. But, there is a time and season for everything – and the group that God has built up in the D.R. is evidently a result of His planning ahead for this new adventure for the Hanley family 🙂

    His timing is perfect! I will be miss you all so much – again, it’s bittersweet news – but, I will be praying for you. When do you all leave to begin His work with the orphanages?

    Love and God bless, Grace

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