Pelege and the boys

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Pelege (center) with Redando, Gabriel, Roman, and Argelis (left to right)
Pelege has worked with Chadasha for more years than I know. He started working here during construction of the hospital, and has stayed on as our night security guard since we moved here. We recently made some staff changes, and we were able to move him into the day time grounds keeper/care taker position. In addition to those responsibility he now supervises our older boys during their work opportunities. Our older boys have the option to work up to 12 hours a week in areas above and beyond their daily chores earning an allowance for this time worked. They can get half of their weekly allowance as spending money and we are trying to teach them to save, by helping them save half of their money. They have seen the benefit as several of them have saved up enough money to buy bicycles, and now can use their allowance to upgrade, repair, and maintain their bikes. Pelege has come along side this work program and has been able to provide closer supervision, training, and direction. Most of the work revolves around landscaping, and he is teaching them correct ways to use the different tools, how to work together, and be responsible for their equipment. Pelege has taken our few suggestions and run with it. He and the boys seem to be enjoying this change, and we are enjoying the results.

  1. Jenna

    Woohoo! This is so cool to hear! What awesome lessons the boys are learning in living – and hopefully they will engage in good conversation, too, and learn from Pelege’s gentle spirit.

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