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Moving from Sosúa was extremely difficult. After 3 years, the peoplewe ministered to and with had become like family, and saying
“good-bye” was a painful two month process. But as much as my
emotions were begging me to stay in Sosúa, I knew that it’s God’s plan
for us to be in Jimaní. What I said over and over as we were telling
people about our move was, “We know it’s what God wants us to do, and
how can we tell him ‘no’?!” Sadly though, we often do tell him “no.”
Sometimes it’s with our words, and other times with our actions or
attitude. Why do we do that? Who do we think we are? I think it’s
more of a case of not knowing who He is. If we truly believed that he
is a loving God who is kind, merciful, and forgiving; that he knows
and wants what is best for his children; that obedience to him is
accompanied by his blessings then we would gladly say “yes” when he
makes his will known to us.

There are often all kinds of logical reasons to avoid doing what God’s
asking of you. Maybe there are financial reasons or issues with
family; the unknown is just too overwhelming; you’re experiencing
feelings of inadequacy. But here’s my question…are you at peace? To
stay in Sosúa and continue to minister there would have been
comfortable and easy and what I would have preferred, but from our
very first moments here in Jimaní, I have been at peace. And there’s
nothing like it. To be able to wake up in the morning and know that
you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, doing what God created you
for…there’s nothing like it. As you walk through your day and come
across frustrations, but they seem small in comparison to the work
God’s placed in your hands…there’s nothing like it. As you watch your
children embrace new friends and a new way of life…there’s nothing
like it.

So, if you’re life is lacking peace then maybe it’s because you’ve
been telling him “no.” Instead of rationalizing why you’ve been
disobedient, try focusing on the truth—he loves you and wants the best
for you. If he’s calling you to do something, he’s going to give you
everything you need to do it! And, besides, he sees the future and
knows everything. He knows what he’s doing and can be trusted.

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  1. Teresa O'Brien

    LOVE it!!!
    “People love to have lived a great story, but few people like the work it takes to make it happen.”- Donald Miller

  2. Barb Settles Huge

    Melissa….you are such a blessing!! This really spoke to me this morning..thank you. The Fishers team is in full swing now as we just had our big fund raiser on Sunday. We are looking at dates in March and I would love to spend time with you and John if that could also be worked out. Dan will likely only have one week to be gone from work 🙁 I know the logistics of getting to you all would take some planning. I wouldn’t mind flying in/out of 2 different locations….do you have any ideas? I realize much is up in the air right now and will trust that God will show me His plan for 2011 in the DR. I enjoyed the student experience in Santiago; may consider that for the future but not next yr. I think 2 locations is sufficient !! lol Praying for all of you and the new friends you are making Love and hugs, Barb

  3. Grace Goostree

    Melissa, John, Kate and Michael – your posting touched me and I know that God has definitely given you peace over your decision for His plan to be fulfilled for you as a family and His work there in Jimani.

    Thank you for keeping us updated and for continuing to follow His lead – as you inspire us to do the same 🙂

    Will miss seeing you all and the others in the D.R. this next year since we do feel led to stay here (U.S.) in 2011, except for a mission trip to the Brazil in 2011. I’m hoping we listen as closely to what God has planned for us – as you and John have been faithful to do in your lives.

    In Christian love, Grace

  4. Pat

    Hi Melissa,
    OK, you got me! You have put into words what I’ve been feeling for a very long time. I just haven’t had the grace to accept it completely. You, John, Kate and Michael are inspirations to me and everyone.
    I think of you guys all the time and thank you for being in my life.

  5. Cammie

    We are so excited for you and praying for you now as you settle in there. It was great to see you in July. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

  6. Barb Duncan

    Hi Melissa,
    Your words pierced my heart. I know what you said is true. It’s just knowing God’s will that is so hard. Praying that God bless your obedience.

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