Mother’s Day

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A few of the 200 cupcakes Melissa prepared for the Mother's Day event at Colegio Nueva Vida

Shortly after moving to the Dominican Republic we had to begin adjusting to a different holiday schedule.  There is a riddle that asks, “Do they have the 4th of July in Germany?”  The answer is that of course the day following July 3rd in every country is July 4th.  However, it is not a celebrated date.  Examples of dates that are celebrated in the Dominican Republic are February 27th, Independence Day, and August 16th, Restoration Day.  Many of you will be celebrating Memorial Day on May 31st; however, here in the Dominican Republic it is just another typical work day.  Another one of the differences is that Mother’s Day is celebrated in the Dominican Republic on the last Sunday of May while the United States observes Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May.  Typically at Colegio Nueva Vida a special program is put together to celebrate Mother’s Day.  This year Melissa baked over 200 cupcakes and made 200 butterfly lapel pins to give to the mothers during this special day.  Each class had an opportunity to present a song, poem, or dance.  It was a great afternoon to celebrate the mothers of Colegio Nueva Vida.

200 Butterfly Lapel Pins Melissa made for the mothers at Colegio Nueva Vida

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  1. Barb Settles Huge

    how typical of Melissa to do such a thoughtful and delightful thing!! Thanks for posting, John !

  2. Karl Krueger

    I just want to know how many cupcakes Melissa ate while she baked.

  3. Dan Stayskal

    200 Cupcakes!!!! Wow! Got any left over? :o)

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