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Fridge Well, the Friday meeting didn’t go exactly as I planned. I should probably be used to things not going as I planned, in retrospect it should have been exactly what I expected. The meeting started an hour late and half the people could not make it. Despite that, Melissa and I met with a few more people involved in Children’s Services in the community and shared our experience with the three boys and what we would like to do to help. It seemed to be well received, and I was invited to attend a meeting in Barahona, a larger town about an hour and a half away. It was a regional Children’s Services meeting on the prevention of child trafficking. I attended that meeting today and was able to meet the regional director of the Dominican Child Services Agency. Three of the members of the local children’s services coalition were with me when I met her, and they told her that they were all in support of what we want to do.

Please continue to pray for the support of the regional director. She seemed to have more reservations than the local people who we’ve been speaking with. Her name is Deisy, please pray that God will give us favor with her as we work with her so that we can take more children off the street and give them a home.

Please pray for us as we begin hiring staff that will assist us in caring for the three boys we have now, and begin planning and preparing to take in additional children.

The next step is a meeting this Thursday with a few of the local coalition members as they have said they will help us work on writing up an official proposal that we will present to Deisy at the regional office. What a blessing to have these Spanish-speaking children’s service professionals working with us to get this accomplished. I love to see God working.

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  1. John N. Rhonda Hanley

    I agree God is in control and you and Melissa are also doing a great job of listening to Him and being obedient. It is so amazing to see all the things He has put in place recently. See ya’ll soon… Mom

  2. Karen DeOliveira

    It is so exciting to know that God is at work. Do not be anxious, fretful or impatient. Just trust in Him. We love you and pray for you, Karen

  3. Lisa Ramirez

    John and Melissa……You and your family are in my prayers daily. I am sure you already heard that I got a chance to spend some time with your parents when they were here in Lubbock. It is so amazing to see God moving and working in all our lives. I love you guys and you know you are family to me. Mom and I talked a lot about getting over there to see you guys and I am praying that it will happen sooner than later. Love you all and praying for you and your mission.

    Lisa Heinrich-Ramirez

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