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  1. Poppo

    Nannie Mae (not to be confused with fannie mae)
    Kate Elise Jr.
    Lookie like poppo’s beard
    Old yokie
    and last but not least Goat

  2. Vanderly

    How about “Lactaid”, bc Joshua and I are lactose intolerant and can sometimes digest goat’s milk so then your goat’s milk is like Lactaid (lactose free milk) to us and we will most liely be able to drink her milk. And won’t she be lactating soon anyways? i heard she was expecting! Go with Lactaid!!

    If you don’t go with the above’s super cute idea, then I vote Nannie or Nanny also.

  3. John

    Well, the goat has a name, “Lovey”

    The Quote of the Day: “Melissa, the goat has your cookies.”

  4. Aunt Judi

    MaaaMaaa or Naaah
    Kate too or Kate 2
    If it ends up as Lovey, it just has to be “Lovey My Dear”.


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