I forgot I’ve got avocadoes in my purse

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We were getting ready for bed last night, and when Melissa finished brushing her teeth she said, “I forgot, I’ve got avocoadoes in my purse.” She heads out of the room, to put the avocadoes in a place they will ripen. Now, why am I writting about avocadoes, it is just another part of our life here I wanted to share. Most every week we are given gifts from members of the Spanish-speaking church. Mainly fruit, often avocadoes, chinola (passion fruit), or mangoes when they were in season. These are great gifts from people that have very little to give. It reminds me of the widow’s mite. Many of the ladies in the church that give us these gifts are caring for their children, and their children’s children. I don’t see how they have enough for themsevles, let alone to think to share with us. Melissa and I have been touched by the giving-spirit of many of the people here. We are blessed each time we receive these precious gifts.

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