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We had four special baptisms this week. It all started during an extended lay over in Miami. Our friend Ryan was leading a short-term team and their first plane was delayed and then cancelled, which created a long day of layovers until they could get to the DR. During one of the layovers a team member that had been attending bible studies and small groups with Ryan over the past several months approached him and asked if he thought she could be baptized. She told him, “I choose God!”.

Well, during the week we had two of our boys “Choose God!” Caleb, who lives full time in the Children’s Home and Anderson, who is part of our Day Program both made professions of faith and expressed a desire to be baptized. Caleb has been asking about baptism for a few months after one of our teen girls was baptized. We have seen both of these boys hearts being changed over the course of the summer. We decided that the focus of our short term teams would be to build on the foundation that we have been laying with our children, and the primary focus of all activities would be with the children that are part of our family. We have seen the kids growing and understanding more of God’s love for them.

Caleb and Anderson both come from abusive backgrounds, and we have had to pry rocks from their hands on several occasions as their angry response to others was to physically lash out, but we have seen a tenderness return to their hearts. We are excited to see what God has in store for these two young boys.

In addition to Caleb and Anderson, Joshua Arnold, son of Stephen and Vanderly, one of the missionary families serving with us, also asked his parents about being baptized, and he was baptized this day also.

Four people from four very different backgrounds realizing how big God’s love is, and choosing to respond to that love by publicly identifying with Christ in baptism.

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