The Youth Shelter is our first ministry in Haiti. The primary goal is to provide a safe place for children that are sleeping on the street. Our location on the border attracts many children to the Border Market located at the border crossing. It is a very busy binacional market that attracts many young Haitian boys from 11 – 18, because they hope to find odd jobs throughout the day either shining shoes, carrying packages, helping vans and buses load passengers, or simply beg. They are often times able to earn enough money to feed themselves, but sleep on the streets, local parks, or under trucks.

Our Youth Shelter offers them a place to sleep and eat while we get to know them and their history. Our goal is to find their family and help them get back home, but the shelter is branching into a second home as we find many of the children have resorted to life on the streets due to abusive home life. We work with other local ministries for education, church, and after school activities for the boys that move into our more permanent home.