El Puede (He Can)

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[nggallery id=19]We have two new daily additions to our home–Cloisi (age 7) and her sister Evelyn (age 4).  Their mom left them right after Evelyn was born, but their dad is still around…kind of…    According to people who knew him before, he’s a good man who dearly loves his kids and took great care of them.  But after being left alone with two young children in a place where it’s very difficult to find work, the stress has taken it’s toll.  He is often absent from their home which leaves them wandering the streets looking for anyone who might show them some attention and share a meal with them.  Cloisi and Evelyn came to our attention, because when he’s not home, they sleep in a small tin shack with a family who’s kind enough to share their home that’s smaller than most bathrooms!  At this point, we can’t have them move in but we can offer them a safe place with hot meals and an education.  In addition to helping the girls, we’re hoping that this assistance will be just the support this single dad needs–that he’ll have a renewed hope for a better future for his family.

They usually come around 9 in the morning to eat breakfast and play.  They love to take a shower and get their hair done.  Since most people in our immediate area bathe in the canal that runs beside the street, a shower is a luxury!  After lunch, Evelyn attends our pre-school, and I work with Cloisi because she’s never attended school regularly and doesn’t know how to read.  Around 6:30 I give them something to eat as they walk home.  Their first day with us I heard Evelyn’s sweet little voice singing.  It brought tears to my eyes as she sang, “El puede, El puede, yo se que Cristo puede, yo se que Cristo puede cuidarme a mi.”  He can, He can, I know that Jesus can, I know that Jesus can take care of me.”  Oh, the faith of a child!  How easy would it be for this little girl to be bitter, hurt, angry, mal-adjusted?  But no, she’s sweet, loving, full of joy, and LOVES to sing songs from church.  I believe that she exudes this attitude because she knows that no matter what her mom and dad do or fail to do, Jesus will take care of her!  Do you realize that?  He can take care of you no matter what situation you find yourself in, no matter who has wronged or disappointed you, no matter what walls you’ve built up around yourself.  Will you let go of your hurt and bitterness, your fear and worries, and let him care for you?  I think we can learn a lot from little Evelyn.

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  1. Melanie

    Hey Melissa!
    This article brought me to tears! 🙂 Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus in the Dominican. I will be praying for these two sweet little girls and their daddy, and as always, for you and your family! Love you and miss you friend!
    – Melanie

  2. Penny

    This was so sweet! Ah, the faith of a child. Jesus indeed will take care of us! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Jana

    Hey guys! you brought me to tears, too! I add my thanks to your obedience and example of loving Jesus by loving His kids! Was so excited to hear John gets to go see Isaac, Serena and Henry! What a blessing!
    Keep up the good work! Give everyone hugs and kisses from Colorado.
    Love you!

  4. Andrea Hart

    Brought tears to my eyes! Thank you so much for sharing!!! God bless you as you bless them! Andrea

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