Dry Their Tears

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Today one of our boys, 8 year old Ivevson, fell off the rope swing and busted his lip. It was so bad that it required stitches. It “just so happens” that we have a group of doctors and medical students here from LMU DCOM in TN. At the time, three of the students were over playing soccer with our kids. They quickly took Ivevson to the clinic just on the other side of campus to find the doctors. His 6 year old brother Eduardo was visibly shaken when he saw his brother silently crying, in so much pain. Before stitching his lip, the doctors put a cloth over his face, with a cut-out for the mouth. I would assume that it is for cleanliness issues, but I’m not sure—and Eduardo really wasn’t sure. He thought they were covering his brother up because he was dead! It took a few minutes to figure out that that was what he was thinking and to reassure him that Ivevson is alive and will be fine! How sad is that? To think that your brother has died! Tonight at bedtime we talked about how God is watching over us and how awesome it was that the doctors were right here to help! Eduardo said, “If Ivevson died I would cry.” I assured him that we all would! Then I shared about how the Bible tells us that Jesus is the son of God, and if we believe that then he’ll forgive us of all our bad, he’ll take care of us; he’ll teach us how to be like him. Then we talked about how much God loves us, and how perfect heaven is going to be. No one will be mean there, no one will cry, no one will be sick, and no one will die. It was so sweet sharing these things and having them give their input, all with these trusting and innocent faces looking up at me from their beds. And then a great sadness came over me. I thought of the tragedy that took place today at the elementary school in Connecticut. I thought about the moms who are grieving tonight as they no longer have their son or daughter to tuck into bed. I just can’t begin to imagine that sense of loss. I beg God, who is love, to wrap them in his arms and dry their tears and heal their hearts…to be ever-present and fill this void with Himself. And I also pray that he will remind me constantly that these kids who he’s put in our care are with us for a reason—to learn of His love for them and his plans and purpose for their lives. I don’t want to miss out on opportunities to pour these truths into their minds and spirits because I’m frustrated over the bickering and tattling or because I’m overwhelmed with the endless needs or because it’s easier to dole out the consequence/punishment and move on than it is to deal with what’s at the root of the conflict. Lord, help me to truly realize that our time here is short and that I cannot take even one moment with these precious children for granted. Help my every word and action to be led by your Spirit!

  1. Jim B.

    What a sweet story, the busted lip caught my attention and reminded me of poor little Kate when she cracked her head when we were all first in the D.R., then her black eye. She was such a trooper.

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