Dominoes – The Goat

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A sunset from the balcony of the short-term team housing

We are close to our one week mark in our new home.   Okay, so we haven’t actually moved into our home yet, so it actually still feels a bit more like a vacation.  We are staying in the short-term team dorms on the second floor of the hospital until they lay the tile in our apartment.   It has given us time to get used to the surroundings.  We have made a trip to Barahona (Bah-ra-owe-nah).  Barahona is 110km or about 70 miles away.  It takes about an hour and 30 minutes to get there.   Barahona is a much larger town which means more stores.  There are hardware stores and supermarkets and furniture and clothing stores.  Our selection of stores in Jimaní is limited to the street market for fruits and vegetables and second hand clothing.  Two small clothing shops that are smaller than your typical American living room, and yes we’ve already been to both looking for jeans and school shoes for the kids.  We get our five gallon water bottles filled at the Assembly of God Church.  I’ve purchased propane just outside of town across the bridge past the first military checkpoint; I’ll tell you more about those in a later post.  We’ve been to the bakery twice, and I will tell you the bread is great.  There is a second bakery in town that uses a brick oven, but we haven’t been able to find it again to try it out, and the one time we went they were not baking that day.  Oh, and the one gas station in town is in the opposite direction of everything, unless of course we are headed to Haiti.  We stopped by the chicken butcher, but they were closed for the day.  We haven’t gotten up early enough to try the beef butcher, we’ve been told you need to get there around 6:00 in the morning, because they only butcher one cow a day and it is first come first serve.  I don’t think we will be eating much beef.  The kids are anxious for school to start.  They are ready to make new friends.  One of the guards has three little boys, the oldest is six, so they have been playing with them.  I played dominoes with the guards yesterday.  They had a very interesting way of keeping score.  If you lose the hand, you have to pick up a blade of grass and hold it between your teeth.  You can take it out if you win the next hand, or if you lose again you stick another one in your mouth, and the loser is called “the goat.”  I guess it beats tracking down a piece of paper and pencil.

  1. Tywonn Davidson

    Sounds like you are doing a lot of exploring in your new neighborhood. I love the way the guards keep score!!! Take care and have fun. 🙂

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