Butter in a Bag

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We knew that life in Jimaní would be very different from life in Sosúa.  Because Sosúa is touristy, there are “amenities” there, such as a grocery store.  Typically towns the size of Sosúa only have colmados…little neighborhood stores where you can go buy what you need for that meal.  That’s what we have in Jimaní.  We went to a larger colmado to get some things, but they didn’t have butter.  So, we stopped at the smaller one closest to us.  They did have butter, well, margarine…in a big tub, so he asked me how much I wanted.  Hmmm.  How exactly do I answer that?  Thinking back, I could have told him how many pesos I wanted to spend, but instead I said, “one bag.”    He pulled out a small plastic bag and put a couple of large spoonfuls of margarine inside.  It was 10 pesos…27 cents.  I was thinking that next time I’d take a small container and ask him to fill it, but the bag seems to be working fine!

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