Bateys 39 & 40

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We visited Bateys 39 and 40 today.  These villages are on the strip of land that while according to the map is part of Haiti, it is cut off from Haiti by a lake.  Batey 39 is being taken over by the lake, and only a small strip of the land on the Haiti side of the border remains.  There had been a school there, but as you can see in the pictures it is not usable.  The majority of the people have moved to Batey 40 and seem to split their time between the two villages that are about a 20 minute walk from each other.  Many of them are in the process of building homes (huts) in the other Batey.  Melissa and I went to visit the Batey’s because while Batey 39 has a working well and pump have been flooded and Batey 40 has a well, but the pump is broken.  We are working with the pastor of the Bateys to see about moving the pump from 39 to 40.  We met with the villagers today to talk to them about the plans.  It was a good visit and I appreciated our time with the pastor as we traveled oer 45 minutes across sometimes seemingly unpassable roads to get there.

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