Heal Their Hurt Hearts

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[singlepic id=175 w=200 float=left] We currently have 14 children living with us full-time in our Children’s Home.  The majority are not orphans.  Some are abandoned while others come from situations that required them to be placed elsewhere.  A few of our … Read More


Praying Together

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Several days before we left for a month in the States three of our girls made the short walk from our property to the small convenience store down the street.  They came back saying that the girls in the neighborhood … Read More


El Puede (He Can)

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We have two new daily additions to our home–Cloisi (age 7) and her sister Evelyn (age 4). Their mom left them right after Evelyn was born, but their dad is still around…kind of… According to people who knew him before, he’s a good man who dearly loves his kids and took great care of them. But after being left alone with two young children in a place where it’s very difficult to find work, the stress has taken it’s toll. He is often absent from their home which leaves them wandering the streets looking for anyone who might show them some attention and share a meal with them. Cloisi and Evelyn came to our attention, because


My Buddy, Wisgavid

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[nggallery id=8] One of our responsibilities here in Jimaní is to turn an empty building into a functioning orphanage and school. Due to legal requirements and paperwork for a school versus an orphanage, it has been recommended by a Dominican … Read More



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Moving from Sosúa was extremely difficult. After 3 years, the peoplewe ministered to and with had become like family, and saying “good-bye” was a painful two month process. But as much as my emotions were begging me to stay in … Read More

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