Are you sinning tonight?


Well, that wasn’t my intended question, but it was the one I asked someone tonight.

The Spanish Lesson:

There is just a slight difference in the verbs to preach and to sin.

To Sin – pecar
To Preach – predicar

Well, they look a lot different than when you say then. Then go to the next step and make it the ing form of the verbs and you get pecando and predicando.

The Story:

For the Friday night church services, two of the pastors, a church member, and I drive big trucks to four different neighborhoods to pick people up for church. I arrived to hand out the keys and one of the pastors, Domingo, was already there. He normally wears a nice shirt and pants, but tonight he had on a tie, and so I asked, “Estas pecando?” The strange look on his face let me know that I had made a mistake. I quickly reviewed the phrase in my head and realized my error. If only I had asked him if he was fishing, pescando, instead. Oh, well, we shared a good laugh.

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