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Hello from John and Rhonda in Jimaní, Dominican Republic,
We just want to send a short newsletter to fill you in on our first two months here. It has been fun, challenging, “soul searching”, happy, and sad. As Christians, we know that God is in control and all is well. We continue to take one day at a time, and do our very best to stay in His will.
Here are a few highlights of our new life.
*We were greeted at the airport by John, Kate, and Maicol. It was fantastic to see them. We immediately, went to IKEA to shop and eat, because if you are in Santa Domingo that is a must!!!
*We were then greeted by Melissa, Clifford, Yevson, and Redondo when we got here. The boys were calling us “Nana and Poppo”, and had made pictures to welcome us. We rolled down the car windows and they were trying to jump in and were hugging and kissing us. They immediately stole our hearts.
*We stayed in team housing for awhile and on March 19, moved into our own little house. It is really cute and neat and clean as a pin. It is perfect for us.
*A really big event. On March 18, a boy came running up to the clinic, saying a lady needed to go to the hospital. She was having a baby. Poppo, (John Sr.) went to her house to pick her up. On the way to the hospital, she had the baby in our truck. (A ten pound baby girl). Poppo, Mom, and baby are all doing well. –ha ha- Poppo was the first person to pray for the baby and that was really special for him. Sunday we are going to see the baby. 
*On the same day, Clifford had a serious seizure. John and Melissa were in Haiti. Poppo and I got him from school to the Chadasha clinic and the doctor. He had a bad ear infection and high fever. We have never prayed and trusted God so much. He brought him right through it, and I have never been so happy to have a child start “giving me trouble again” in my life.
*We have had two mission teams visit, one with 24 people and one with 50 people. It is alot of work and we had alot to learn, but it is very rewarding and fun to meet all the people and get to know them. Both visits went very well.
*Every day we practice our Spanish and Creole, and just smile a lot and know that people probably think we are crazy. We are learning more and more about the culture and really love the people. We have coffee with all the people that work here. They just smile and laugh at Poppo, and have no idea what he is saying, but we all have alot of fun!!!
This is a small senerio, but I want to keep this short. We love all of you and miss you. Please lift us up daily, and know that we face obstacles that are totally new to us everyday. We covet your prayers.
Love in Christ,

John and Rhonda (also known as Poppo and Nana)

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  1. Jo Hannah

    Thank you for sharing your news! We are so excited about you being down there with your family serving God! We are praying!

  2. Vanderly

    Awww… I loved reading this! We are looking forward to doing Dominican life with you soon enough!

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