A View From Church


Just a little piece of one of our days I wanted to share.

On Sunday nights we attend service at the “little tent” in Bombita. This past Sunday night I looked slightly to my left and thought, “How many people look out their church to see this.”

It just seemed like a really nice view.

The “little tent” is in Bombita. It is a small community and the tent is used during the week as an escuelita. It is a supplement to the public education some of the children receive. The tent is open on three sides, and as people walk up and down the road going about their daily business there we sit having church. Even though they are not sitting there it is as though they are still a part of the church. The service literally takes place in the middle of a community. It is not a secluded building it is an active part of the daily life of all the people in Bombita. I just thought, isn’t this what church is all about.

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