A First Visit

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We made our first visit to a community where we will be working. It
is called Batey 41. It is a small Haitian village on a portion of
land that while part of Haiti is only accesible by land through the
Dominican Republic. To reach Haiti proper, the villagers must cross a
lake or enter through the Dominican Republic and then pass back
through an official border crossing. Somebody must have bumped the
table when they were drawing the border on the map.

During our first visit, I got a bit of a laugh of what I saw as a
typical snapshot of the different ways God uses Melissa and I in
ministry. I’m talking with two local pastors and I look over and I
can’t see Melissa though the mass of children surroundiing her. We
were both right there using the different gifts God has given us not
five feet from each other. I couldn’t help but smile.

  1. Vanderly

    that photo of Melissaa is one of the most beautiful pictures ever taken of her… her beauty from inside and out shines through!

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