A Unique Clothes Dryer

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We have a clothes line that we have hanging in our living room so we can dry our clothes without worrying if it is going to rain or not. However, to take full advantage of the sun, we also have one that is hanging over a planter outside our back windows. In order to hang or retrieve clothes Melissa has to


A Typical Shopping Day


We went to Puerto Plata Saturday so Josh (the guy from our home church that’s living with us for a couple of months) could buy some new tennis shoes. I had a couple of things I was looking for as … Read More


Kate’s Birthday – A Belated Post


This is Melissa’s First Blog Posting. However, I never got around to posting it when I should have in March. Better Late than Never. Friday night at our church service 2 girls I know very well came up and started … Read More


Chicken Poop and Pastors


I was in Redemption Village visiting Pastor Alejandro and his family. HANLEYWIKI – Redemption Village is a mostly Haitian village where New Missions sponsors a school program. There are about 200 homes, and they are all cinder block homes approximately … Read More