Ebb and Flow of our Day

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With the start of this school year the flow of our day has changed drastically. Previously school kids went to school for half a day either in the morning or in the afternoon. Well, this year


Mighty to Save

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June will be 6 years since Maicol moved in with us for “2 weeks.” Early on John and I started talking about our desire to adopt him…to make him a permanent part of our family. We didn’t want to ask … Read More


Health Status

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A quick update that I will be having surgery on November 19th. I have a kidney stone that is stuck and too large to pass on its own. I have meet with the surgeon three times, and he also feels … Read More


Erase Them

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Here at our Children’s Home we want our kids to know who they are in Christ. With this understanding they will be secure and will better know how to treat others. On Sunday mornings I (Melissa) have a service for … Read More


I choose God

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We had four special baptisms this week. It all started during an extended lay over in Miami. Our friend Ryan was leading a short-term team and their first plane was delayed and then cancelled, which created a long day of layovers until they could get to the DR. During one of the layovers a team member that had been attending bible studies and small groups with Ryan over the past several months approached him and asked

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