Day Trip to Jarabacoa


We took a day trip to Jarabacoa (Hair-uh-buh-coa) with two other families. This town is about three hours south of Sosua, and is in the mountains. We started the day at 8:00, when we all met, and left around 8:40. … Read More


Are you sinning tonight?


Well, that wasn’t my intended question, but it was the one I asked someone tonight. The Spanish Lesson: There is just a slight difference in the verbs to preach and to sin. To Sin – pecarTo Preach – predicar Well, … Read More


Normal Day?

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I’ve been asked what a normal day is like for me here in the Dominican Republic. The truth is that I have not had two days alike yet. The past 24 hours are an excellent example. Monday night I met … Read More


Chicken Poop and Pastors


I was in Redemption Village visiting Pastor Alejandro and his family. HANLEYWIKI – Redemption Village is a mostly Haitian village where New Missions sponsors a school program. There are about 200 homes, and they are all cinder block homes approximately … Read More


Quick Update


I have a lot to fill everyone in on, and really need to be working on a newsletter, but the animal update is: Rats holding steady at 4, we are not counting the ones outsideSnakes up 1 to 7Bats making … Read More

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